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Charon QC (aka Mike Semple Pigott, I believe) has put a book and materials on contract law online, followed up with one on sale of goods, and one on intellectual property by Peter Groves.

All good stuff. Start with the IP, which is admirably brief.

I have decided to provide a FREE resource for those who are interested in this field. The Contract materials will be supplemented by a series of recorded lectures, and I plan to monitor the net for other free legal resources on Contract Law in England & Wales (Although I will include references to US, Scotland and Common Law jurisdictions where it is helpful to do so) – law reports, news items, article abstracts and the like… this is, inevitably, a work in progress. I have set up a blog (See header) for analysis, articles, news – and I shall start to post the latest cases on Contract and analysis very shortly.

John Bolch, of the Family Lore weblog, has recently escaped legal practice and has started a Family Law Wiki. It’s only just started but looks promising.

Links to these resources can be found in the left-hand column of the Insite Law Magazine.

Charon QC’s blog

Information at Insite Law on today (links omitted):

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