Linguee and MyMemory/Linguee und MyMemory

The German-English translation site Linguee has recently corrected something I have complained about here and here.

This was the fact that the results page did not show the names of the sites referred to. To find that out, one had to click through, which might mean thirty or forty clicks a page.

The reason we need to see the name of the site quickly is because it’s extra evidence that the English comes from a German site, and may therefore be translatorese.

Now, Linguee shows the URL after each hit, which is a great improvement and is a quick response to criticisms.

Admittedly, it does confirm that most of the DE>EN translations are on German sites, a basic fact I was too stupid to realize before. However, a URL containing the name of a big international law or accountancy firm is a good sign that at least the terminology work may be reliable.

Fabio M. Said, in fidus interpres, links to MyMemory, which is like Linguee but covers more languages. It also invites user input (I would not like to upload my private client work) and permits download as TMX, which sounds interesting. However, the memory appears to be very small in comparison with Linguee’s, as far as German-English is concerned. Might be interesting for other languages.

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