Video “A Normal Day”

The video ‘A Normal Day’ has been watched hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube.

The German TV program Galileo investigated whether it was faked or not (10-minute video).

The makers were two German students in Bad Ems. They really could carry out the tricks – sometimes after 30 or 40 attempts.

What I want to know is this: the intonation of the woman who describes the story in the program really really really irritates me and it is really really really common on German TV when they’re trying to tell you ‘this is funny’. You wouldn’t hear that intonation when they’re talking about the future of Opel or even the weather forecast. But there are lots of programs where they show trivial items.

When did this sort of intonation start – how do people learn it – is it used in other countries?

(Story tweeted by Jack Schofield (jackschofield – recommended for lots of good links).

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