Fürth streets/Straßen in Fürth

Views of two ends of this street in recent weeks. Replacing the cobbles

Mending the new pedestrian zone so fewer people in high heels come to grief (note plaque for famous Fürth person in foreground):

Meanwhile, the Oberbürgermeister has had the originally green ticket machine touched up in bronze and refurbished bronze rubbish bins and seats reinstalled, and this lighting is appearing everywhere, though not yet functional – note the huge length of cable on this one:

And here is what has to be done to conceal the cables:

Unfortunately, one of these lamps has been placed directly beneath and in front of the Hirsch Apotheke webcam. It can, today, be seen at the bottom of the picture, but when it is lit it may obscure a lot of the picture. Webcam.

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