Samoa driving on the left/Samoa wechselt zum Linksfahren

Today traffic in Samoa will start driving on the left instead of the right.

The main reason for this is that they want to use right-hand-drive cars, for instance from Japan and New Zealand, which both drive on the left.

Here’s a Wikimedia Commons map showing countries driving on the right in red and on the left in blue.

There weren’t more accidents when Sweden switched in 1967, were there?

We shall see. 16.50 GMT is apparently the time.

5 thoughts on “Samoa driving on the left/Samoa wechselt zum Linksfahren

  1. was ist denn das hier fuer eine abgefahrene website? bin fasziniert! ich habe gerade angefangen mit legal translations.

    wieviele leute gibt es hier so?

  2. No sign of Stachelbeere/goosberries a.k.a. ‘goosgogs’ in my youth. If they exist in Bavaria, what colour are they? (Green in Southern England/pink in Eastern Austria, as I discovered only last week).

    • The ones here are usually green with a pink tinge. But you are talking to someone whose brother once brought back seventeen different gooseberry bushes because he couldn’t make up his mind. So there is a lot of variety out there.
      The local organic fruit stall has Jostas, a cross between blackcurrants (schwarze *Jo*hannisbeeren) and gooseberries (*Sta*chelbeeren) which my mother also used to grow.
      The smaller bilberries/blueberries are black inside too (I think – haven’t bought them), whereas the cultivated ones are pale inside.

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