Translation glasses/Übersetzungsbrille

These glasses – not yet on the market – are intended to interpret what you hear and project it onto your retina so you can have a real-time conversation, at least if your languages are supported.

I can’t read Japanese, but this may be the source.

Here’s an article:

The NEC equipment comprises a script projector and microphone attached to the glasses, and a small computer that can be attached to the waist of a user. When two people with different mother tongues speak in their own languages, the projector displays expressions from both languages. NEC’s application of a technology to project images by casting light directly onto the retina is a world first. The retina transforms the optical information into a nerve signal, which is sent to the center of the brain via optic nerves.

I understand the last sentence as normal for vision.

Here’s the blog entry I got it from. It was tweeted by NOVALanguages of New York, who tweet masses of curious language links, so you may want to follow them.

I won’t be interested in this device. Being over sixty, I’ve already got too many aids, attachments and prostheses for other functions.

LATER NOTE: Google reveals more reports. The glasses are called Tele-Scouter. The halfbakery even reported it in 2003.

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  1. Intriguing that the titular surname changes with the gender of the aristocrat mentioned: from Freiherr to Freifrau and Freiin – a phenomenon I associated more with Slavonic lingos.

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