Year-end presents/Werbegeschenke

Do other people use these? Names removed. The hand is from a physiotherapy practice I go to – it contains a pull-out metal tape measure.

The rubber person with tie is from an insurance company I have a good opinion of but I don’t think I use them. Does this figure have a function? Perhaps it would help a key to float if it were light enough and there were a flood?

The metal container is from an agency I haven’t worked for (as far as I remember): I think you can put business cards in there, but you can also make little paper balls and shoot them at it to see if you can aim at the two holes (a German football exercise).

One thought on “Year-end presents/Werbegeschenke

  1. It’s been suggested to me that the rubber person might be a rubber (eraser). Yes, it definitely works. So it would also be self-destructive. Maybe I’ll remove the keyring and put it near a pencil.

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