Whose tracks?/Welches Tier?

These tracks lead down the bank through the snow and across the ice on the big pond in the Stadtpark. What tracks are they? The best suggestion so far is a heron (Reiher). It’s true that there are fish in there, so maybe a heron comes down in the early morning.

5 thoughts on “Whose tracks?/Welches Tier?

  1. I must confess, I have largely applied the terms “page”, “leaf”, “sheet”, and “folio” on an instinctual basis (e.g. “how many pages does the document have?”, “the binder contained only one lone leaf”, “the sheets of paper on the desk were in disarray”, “you will need the folio number to research the deed”).

    What I’m not sure about from your post (I apologize if I’ve missed something) is whether you are saying you hadn’t heard of “sheet” for this particular type of translation, or whether you weren’t familiar with its use in general. Where I come from, “sheet” (especially “sheet(s) of paper”) is pretty common. (“Hand me a sheet of paper, would you?”) Cheers!

    • I meant I hadn’t heard of sheet as a translation for Blatt. Sheets of paper is a normal usage in BrE too, but I wouldn’t relate it to a particular size. I usually translate Blatt in the Land Registry as page, with an uncomfortable feeling it should be folio, and I sometimes use folio, but I feel I should be using leaf.
      For Blatt, Romain has sheet (of paper), folio (manuscript; register). I think the semicolon means he uses sheet for an MS typed on one side, and folio for Land Register. All the usual mess.

      • Personally, I have been using “folio” for “Blatt” in Registers/Registries, mostly because I always used to see this term applied in the library/archives for the”important books” (and per the example above, official records of deeds, etc.). :-)

        OTOH, I use “leaf” most often in conjunction with “of paper” (similar to how I use “sheet”, actually). Despite my ever-abiding wish to be as correct as possible – and to learn THE answer – I have a feeling we may never know for sure. All the usual mess indeed. ;-)

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