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  1. By Little Moo do you mean moo.com/uk.moo.com? I’ve been thinking about trying them out for a while and almost ordered xmas cards from them just last week. Glad I didn’t then if we’re talking about the same thing. (Sorry if this sounds like spam for moo – it’s not.)

    • I have had good experience of moo.com for business cards, and also for Christmas cards. But last year my frost picture came out so dark I had to throw it away. They sent me a refund, saying I was not the only case, but were unable to say how soon they could reprint, so as I was going to England I had New Year cards sent there – which of course arrived so soon I could have had Christmas cards sent to Germany.
      This year I was later than I meant to be and ordered on Nov. 28, and I paid 25 euros extra so I could get them by Dec. 8th. My friend who ordered a day earlier without paying extra got them on 9th, I think (but too dark!), but moo didn’t get them to DHL till Dec. 8, then there was the snow on Friday. Now it’s Monday evening and although they have been on the van since this morning, I haven’t got them. I forgive DHL till today, because the weather was so bad on Friday, but why could moo not print earlier? And why could DHL not deliver today, considering my 25 euros went to a 3-day DHL service?

      The trouble is, I like their simple cards. But I did promise myself I would order earlier this year.

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