Denglish in football/Fußballausdrücke

It really doesn’t matter how many false or genuine anglicisms German contains, or how many peculiar terms a German may use when speaking English, as long as the terms are comprehensible.

But when it comes to international football, it’s probably safer to use the terms usual in English.

Collected from various sources:

Greenkeeper groundsman
Relegation play-off
Weltmeisterschaft World Championship World Cup (but we do call the winners the world champions!)
Tackling tackle
Dribbling dribble
Trainer manager/coach

Stuart Dykes, Working Languages, False friends, good and bad translation, Denglisch, Tipps für Übersetzer

Meanwhile, Vertigo has a quote from the translation of Peter Handke’s Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter (The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick) – the translation is by Michael Roloff, incidentally.

“The goalkeeper is trying to figure out which corner the kicker will send the ball into,” Bloch said. “If he knows the kicker, he knows which corner he usually goes for. But maybe the kicker is also counting on the goalie’s figuring this out. So the goalie goes on figuring that just today the ball might go into the other corner. But what if the kicker follows the goalkeeper’s thinking and plans to shoot into the usual corner after all? And so on, and so on.”

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