Schland, Vollhorst

I heard about the version of Lena’s song that was done by eight students from Münster for the World Cup: Schland o Schland, but I was too slow to realize it was a short form of Deutschland.

Wortistik goes into more detail. The term was coined by Stefan Raab in 2006, and he used it frequently during the 2006 World Cup. It’s now protected as a trademark.

Another word new to me this week was Vollhorst. It is a colloquial term meaning idiot. I met it in a text a few years old, but it seemed to me it must have been used in connection with Horst Köhler in recent weeks. And sure enough, the combination of Vollhorst and Köhler has been around for quite a while, more on blogs and Facebook than in newspapers though.

Uwu Lena singing Schland o Schland on youtube.

Entry at Football and Music

LATER NOTE: Here’s a link to a version of the video with the text on it.

8 thoughts on “Schland, Vollhorst

  1. I have been aware of the term “zum Horst machen” (to make someone look like an idiot, or in the reflective form to act like an idiot) for many years. I haven’t seen the derived form “Vollhorst”, but it could just be a case of literary embellishment of an existing phrase. Your link predates the recent resignation, otherwise I would have presumed that it was a comment on the manner of that resignation.

    • Thanks. I hadn’t met either. No, my first encounter was a cancer forum where someone referred to her cancer as ‘mein Vollhorst’, which I had to look up. No K

  2. I love the detail when Uwu Lena sings: “We’re going to love you either wayyyy”. I’m guessing it must be an intentional copy of Lena’s vowels.

    • Yes, he does that bit very well. I rather like Uwu Lena. I suppose his name is Uwe but the whole thing is supposed to sound like vuvuzela.

  3. Here the link to the video including the lyrics. Have fun trying to sing German :)
    (Comment edited: link deleted as I found a better one, see above)

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