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Back to a topic we seem to have forgoten too soon: Lena singing Satellite.

When I first heard the song, I didn’t like the lyrics. I realize the music is quite catchy, Lena apparently sings it faster than the writers intended, she dances well, at least in the video, she doesn’t dress up in a bizarre evening costume or strip off in the middle. But the lyrics are old-fashioned in concept, with an attempt to make them sound fun, I suppose, by additions like ‘I painted my toenails for you’.

I don’t mean to knock Lena, I just thing the song could have been better.

But other people don’t like the song lyrics either. Then again, I suddenly realized that many commentators simply don’t understand the English!

One ‘Tusnelda’ offers a critique plus ‘translation’. Tusnelda übersetzt: Heute, Satellite von Lena!

Der Text auf Deutsch:

Ich ging überall für dich hin,(und???)
ich habe mir sogar die Haare für dich gemacht. (toll, sollte man das nicht immer machen?)
Ich habe neue Unterwäsche gekauft, in blau, (wo denn??)
und ich trug sie gleich am nächsten Tag. (klar, die wäscht man ja auch vorher!!)

Tusnelda, this is all well and good, but ‘the other day’ means ‘a few days ago’, not ‘on the next day’. Incidentally, ‘underwear dyed blue’ seems to have escaped everyone.

‘Love, I’ve got it bad for you’ does not mean ‘Liebster, es steht schlecht für dich’ but ‘Liebster, ich bin in dich verknallt’. ‘My aim is true’ means ‘genau’ – I always hit the target.

Incidentally, Thusnelda or Tussi is used pejoratively in German. Whether this has anything to do with the historical Thusnelda I don’t know. She was apparently the wife of Arminius (Hermann of the battle of the Teutoburger Forest), was taken captive to Rome, gave birth to their son Thumelicus there – he is thought to have died as a gladiator in his teens.

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