Oxford comma

The Oxford comma or serial comma – how did I miss this song?


Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma?
I climbed to Dharamsala too, I did
I met the highest Lama, his accent sounded fine
To me, to me

Check your handbook, it’s no trick
Take the chapstick, put it on your lips
Crack a smile, adjust my tie
Know your boyfriend, unlike other guys

YouTube – Vampire Weekend: Oxford Comma

5 thoughts on “Oxford comma

    • OED says 1) A fungus having a round disk-like top and a slender stalk, a mushroom.
      2) Popularly restricted to poisonous or inedible fungi, as distinct from edible ‘mushrooms’.

      I have tended to use the second definition. But I was thinking of things like fly agaric (Fliegenpilz), which happen to have the right shape for the first definition (for a toad to sit on?). What about the other poisonous fungi?

      Mushroom too appears to be mainly used for large umbrella-shaped species, or to Agaricus campestris (Champignon) and similar.

      So the word ‘fungus’ is the one to use.

      There is also a verb ‘to toadstool’, which means
      ‘to mushroom’!

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