Miscellaneous links/Gemischte Links

These are varied sites – I can’t remember where I got most of them.

1. On YouTube, John Agard reads his poem, Listen Mr Oxford don. Here’s the text.

Me not no Oxford don
me a simple immigrant
from Clapham Common
I didn’t graduate
I immigrate.

The text has a strong legal element:

So mek dem send one big word after me
I ent serving no jail sentence
I slashing suffix in self-defence
I bashing future wit present tense
and if necessary
I making de Queen’s English accessory
to my offence.

2. At the New York Times, Jürgen Habermas on Leadership and Leitkultur.

To the present day, the idea of the leitkultur depends on the misconception that the liberal state should demand more of its immigrants than learning the language of the country and accepting the principles of the Constitution. We had, and apparently still have, to overcome the view that immigrants are supposed to assimilate the “values” of the majority culture and to adopt its “customs.”

That we are experiencing a relapse into this ethnic understanding of our liberal constitution is bad enough. It doesn’t make things any better that today leitkultur is defined not by “German culture” but by religion. With an arrogant appropriation of Judaism — and an incredible disregard for the fate the Jews suffered in Germany — the apologists of the leitkultur now appeal to the “Judeo-Christian tradition,” which distinguishes “us” from the foreigners.

I suppose John Agard would be expected to change his tune in Germany. – Religion was being cited again today at the CDU conference when there was a narrow vote against pre-implantation diagnosis of embryos.

3. einbuchstabedanebentiere has been a meme (now called Mem in German) on Twitter. You take the name of an animal and change one letter. Thus Faulesel, Orang Uran, Prokodil, Trethahn. Usually a description precedes it:

Ideal, um nachts spazieren zu gehen ist der Fackel
Macht kleine Sauereien und große Politik – das Merkel!
Das gibt’s doch wohl nicht: diebische Eltern
Männchen im Tierreich aufgepasst: es kommt der Eichelmäher

Fortunately someone has collected these: Über 5.000 #einbuchstabedanebentiere – gesammelt via twapperkeeper für Euch

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