The book you hate/Dein Hassbuch

I have hated quite a lot of books, but perhaps I was unfair. For example, if a lot of people seemed to like a book, I might have been keen to disagree. And a book ha to be fairly well-known before one gives it the compliment of stating one hates it.
At junior school, I started reading Edith Blyton – I think it was the Famous Five, not the Hanni und Nanni the Germans are so familiar with. I found it pretentious and fake, but then I didn’t read much, although over the years there were many voices in praise.
At grammar school, I read in full but disliked The Lord of the Rings. Again, it seemed presumptuous to me. It was also very trendy. This was in the early 1960s, which was quite early (the whole thing was apparently published in 1955). But then again, an authentic text like the Nibelungenlied is not really what one imagines after seeing the Ring der Nibelungen.

I have thrown a couple of books away because I thought they’d been overhyped. Can’t think of any more books I hate – well, some stuff on legal translation, of course.

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