The fourth book from the left on your bookshelf/Das 4. Buch in deinem Regal v.l.

Which bookshelf? I have sixteen bookcases. So I chose the fourth from the left on one shelf. It is by Rob Eastaway, What is a googly? The Mysteries of Cricket Explained.

I haven’t read this book yet, just skimmed it, but even then it gave me some useful information. It does start off by comparing cricket to rounders, which we used to play at school.

Well, the good news is that if you understand rounders then you understand the basics of cricket. … (details)… However, comparing cricket with rounders is like comparing chess with draughts. Yes, chess and draughts are both played on a chequered board, and cricket and rounders are both played on a field …

Draughts is BrE for checkers. I notice the book is careful to compare cricket with rounders, not baseball.

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