2 thoughts on “Roundabout in Erfurt/Erfurter Kreisverkehr (Video)

  1. I haven’t actually driven through this but it’s a bit of a mystery to me. It seems to be clearly labeled as a roundabout with a yield sign? They are planning to improve it:
    (link will disappear in a few weeks so I’ll excerpt here):

    Einfach nur zum Haareraufen. Meint auch Erfurts Verkehrsamtsleiter Gerhard Glanz nach Betrachten der Internetbilder. “Irre, das habe ich nicht erwartet”, so sein Kommentar. Man habe, so Glanz, den Behelfskreisel seinerzeit mit wenig Aufwand f

    • Funny, just this afternoon a woman in front of me totally ignored a roundabout and took the left turn into Lidl. I pass this twice every week and hadn’t seen it before. I find it odd that in Erlangen there’s an older roundabout where you have to give way to traffic joining it, whereas the newer roundabouts in F

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