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  1. Margaret, I often have trouble following your blog posts because they seem to leave something out. Because you know so much more about legal stuff than I do, I assume that the people your blog is intended for understand you better.

    But what is this blog post about? Are you suggesting, as the photo would seem to indicate, that the Mercedes doesn’t belong next to the charging station? Or do you think that small electric vehicle (it’s called a CityEl http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/CityEL) it is not a real car? Or something else?

    And what does that have to do with your title, which seems to indicate that a lack of sun and electric charging stations are related?

    • Hi Craig – having a bad day? Well, I’m sorry if I’m usually incomprehensible. It is obviously not my intention.

      I regret the lack of sun at the moment. This vehicle, which I’ve shown before, has only recenlty had the chance to use a charging station. I assume (I may be wrong as I’m ignorant about solar-powered vehicles) it usually gets its power from the solar panel, not the plug.

  2. I didn’t think I was having a bad day, but I see the solar panel now.

    But I’m afraid I still don’t follow you in the sentence “I’m not sure these were intended for those.”

    The CityEL is probably the most common electric vehicle in Germany at the moment, but the solar panel on top of it is probably homemade (it’s one of a kind). And the vehicle has to recharge from the mains is all the time; the solar panel is mainly a gimmick, though it might extend the range of the vehicle slightly. Judging from here http://www.smiles-world.de/cityel-technikdaten the CityEL’s engine has a nominal output of 2,500 watts. That panel probably has an output of less than 200 watts. It may only have 80.

    It also looks like the batteries can store some three kilowatt-hours. With a 200 watt panel, it would take you around three days even in full sunlight in the summer in Germany to fully charge the battery (and you can’t use the vehicle during that time). So that vehicle is probably hooked up to the mains every day it is driven. You do stand a chance of keeping a laptop charged with a panel like that, however.

    You may regret the lack of sunlight, but I regret all of these people talking about how we need to charge our electric vehicles with solar power. So maybe you pushed one of my wrong buttons…

    Anyway, I’m sure you meant the post to be slightly humorous, and I do regret not understanding some of your posts better ;-)

    • Thanks for the explanation. Not just a solar panel, but text “Fahren mit Sonne” on the vehicle.

      Well, yes, I did not realize – as I said – that the solar panel was just a gimmick. I have seen this vehicle before. It comes from near Erlangen – ERH is Erlangen-H

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