Hare Krishna food guy/Hare Krishna kostenloses Essen für Studenten

From A Week in the Life of a SOAS student:

9-10 : Grammar 10-11 : Practical

12.30 or thereabouts : I offer my custom to the great SOAS institution/legends who are the Hare Krishna guys. They come every day with a wagon of free vegetarian curry [but seriously, give them a donation, you skinflints] which is really really top quality stuff. They also boast the latest in trouser-related sartorial elegance ; you’ll know what I mean when you see them. Also, if you take the trouble to learn their names, they’ll give you massive portions, more than you can handle.

I realized it must be free after I took the photo and remembered Steve Jobs saying he used to go to Hare Krishna once a week for a free meal.

3 thoughts on “Hare Krishna food guy/Hare Krishna kostenloses Essen für Studenten

  1. When I was thoroughly broke and at SOAS, I ate several times at the temple near Soho Square using the free tickets they used to hand out in the Underground. But you had to sit through a seemingly interminable service with a dodgy harmonium player to get your food, and there were rumours that junkies came and nicked all the shoes stacked at the entrance, and that would have finished me off.

    • Is that where they are, Soho Square? There is a video online somewhere showing one of them cycling their cart towards SOAS.
      I heard Hare Krishna proceeding down Oxford Street last year – didn’t realize they were still there. It took me right back to London in the 1960s.

      • I think they used to be in the street connecting SS with Oxford Street. If the deal had been better I might have followed their movements with more interest.

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