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Juliette Scott has a blog post on Webinars in June and July 2012 on English legal language. They will be given by eCPD Webinars – here’s the link. More information there, and it also says details may change.

26 June, 11:30 am BST. Contracts and Contract Formation for Legal Translators (1 x 1 hour webinar) £20
Covering: contract formation, remedies for breach, some common contract clauses and Terminology, litigation terminology.

28 June, 9:30 am and 11:30 am BST. The English Legal System for Legal Interpreters and Translators (2 x 1 hour webinars) £40
Covering: background, the legal profession in England and Wales, proceedings in court, litigation terminology … and more

3 July, 9:30 am and 11:30 am BST. Criminal Law and Procedure for Legal Interpreters and Translators (2 x 1 hour webinars) £40
Covering: the required elements for criminal liability, capacity, principals and accessories, magistrates and Crown Court proceedings and appeals … and more

Book all five for just £90.00.

Our speaker is David Hutchins of Lexacom, who teaches these subjects at face-to-face workshops and seminars. If you are unable to travel to these, or just cannot spare the time to do so, these webinars are an ideal way to save time and cost and learn from a true expert from your own home or office.

David Hutchins has more on his website, Lexacom, including links to articles that have appeared on his seminars.

I’ve attended (?) two eCPD webinars and was pleased with them, particularly the one on using a corpus for translation research.

One of the best things about webinars to me is that they have brought more variety to the menu. Most of the local translators’ seminars are not personally interesting to me. Of course, there are always introductions to people’s favourite CAT programs, but that doesn’t include Transit. Why can’t someone do a seminar on that? Well, even if they did, who’s to say I would be able to attend it?

The BDÜ has also done some webinars and they are available later online for members. I see that at eCPD too you can purchase access to some past webinars.

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