Nine years/Neun Jahre

This evening, scenes of extraordinary jubilation on the streets of Fürth ostensibly marked the football team’s ascent to the first division. But readers know they were really celebrating Transblawg’s ninth birthday (I forgot about the eighth in 2011). The song was ‘Nie mehr zweite Liga’.

Quick reaction from a lotto shop in the Schwabacher Straße:

(I see Sinosplice is exactly one year older, but has curious ideas about what day the week begins on).

Newspaper article and pictures here.

7 thoughts on “Nine years/Neun Jahre

    • Well, but I only did some cropping and lightening. No green flags added!
      I was just admiring your comments in 2007 on the Kafka post (which someone had found via Google): [url=]Translating Kafka/Kafka auf Englisch[/url].

    • Well, according to a websearch, you didn’t prevent Lee Rourke from publishing a novel.
      I keep thinking of how he described Kafka’s work as Kafkaesque.

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