Here are some pictures taken in the Stadtpark recently, showing a curious feature of Germany – shepherds sometimes turn up in the middle of town with their flock. I wonder what roads they come along? There were three dogs and an electric fence, which was moved around so they cropped different areas every day.

On this one you can even see a stork on the nest on top of the chimney at left:

and two storks here:

See, for example, www.wanderschä

The only remaining question is why German lamb often tastes so mild.

4 thoughts on “Sheep/Wanderschäferei

    • The link I gave has some pictures of sheep going along the streets. Actually I asked one of the shepherds how they move around, and when he realized I was asking him a question other than ‘may I photograph your sheep?’ he decided not to reply.

  1. Why they often taste so mild (I’ll take your word for it, as I never touch them)? Quite simply because “scharfe Schafe” just sounds silly. On second thoughts… so does “lahmes Lamm”. You just can’t win.

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