Controlling/DE>EN Übersetzung

A colleague’s query:
Controlling is a German word. One suggestion for the English equivalent was purchase controlling/personnel controlling. But that isn’t English either!

This isn’t my speciality, but for Controlling I have recorded management accounting. That doesn’t work for the other two, though, which are departments of German companies. A colleague recommended procurement tracking and personnel tracking, found at, which sounded good to me – but on checking the link, I got the impression they were tracing / following the personnel in a GPS-like way.

Another colleague recommended a discussion at LEO, which is helpful – not all the LEO discussions are.

Martin Crellin at False friends, good and bad translation is usually good on this kind of thing, but he doesn’t seem to have tackled this word yet.

I am inclined to use purchasing management and personnel management. There’s some support for this at ProZ, where personnel management or human resources management is suggested.

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