Accessible access/Barrierefrei

From a recent visit to London – this was outside Bromley-by-Bow tube station at the beginning of a walk near the Olympic Park:

Here’s some more text from London. Herman ze German is at 19 Villiers Street:

And finally, a cautiously worded notice prohibiting busking on the building site at Tottenham Court Road tube station:

3 thoughts on “Accessible access/Barrierefrei

  1. Can a busker be prosecuted for causing the audience to apprehend or fear the immediate malicious infliction of unlawfully bad music?
    Or does that solely amount to being a public nuisance?! :P

    I really dig the sausage place, i ought to check it out next time I’m in London.

    • Not even public nuisance if, like me, you live in the town centre and want to open your windows in summer. I particularly object to a large group of what I call fake Peruvians who dance around with drums but whose main music is a very loud recording probably stolen from elsewhere.

      • Someone I know used to phone immigration until they were rounded up, but I think they all have visas now. Is there a mega state academy on the outskirts of Lima churning them out, or do they learn like the Romanian gypsy accordionists, from within the clan?

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