Some reading/Etwas zum Lesen

Hamish Hamilton’s Five Dials no. 26 has just come out. It is an elegant PDF and this edition is full of translations of German literature, although the main thing that has caught my eye so far is an article about secret ways to walk through London. 64 pages of good stuff. They apparently expect us to print it out.

For walks from Gatwick, see kalebeul.

Thanks to Ekkehard for reminding me of the free sampler of the new language magazine Babel. I honestly can’t see myself having time to read it, but there is some good stuff in there, for example an article on forensic linguistics by Peter French et al., and everything has suggestions for further reading.

There are good language reads out there already free of charge, of course: but I suppose everyone knows the Translation Journal and the Journal of Specialised Translation.

Many translators have been writing books but I have not had time to read them. I’ve already recommended Fire Ant and Worker Bee’s compilation. At a very very superficial glance I had a good impression of Corinne McKay’s How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator and Nataly Kelly/Jost Zetzsche’s Found in Translation (despite the hype, and despite the fact that I can’t think of anyone I would give it to for Christmas).

And here is an interpreter’s microblog, as Céline describes it. I actually saw this last week without understanding what it was: A good speech a day keeps the doctor away.

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