Misdirected emails/Email-Adressen, die einander ähnlich sind

I know I’m not the only Margaret Marks out there, but I do keep getting emails sent to one in Washington State, I believe.

You may find this helpful for you and your husband to use when planning meals on Sundays. And that frozen meal was called Organic Bistro.

Have a great week!

Erika Brown, RD, CD
20/20 Lifestyles Dietitian

A meal planner was attached.

2 thoughts on “Misdirected emails/Email-Adressen, die einander ähnlich sind

  1. I keep getting e-mails for a Jill Sommer from xBox and a couple dating sites. Whenever her friends write me I always write and let them know they have the wrong e-mail address and ask them to let her know about the xBox and dating site e-mails. It’s annoying, but I have simply filtered those e-mails to my Spam folder and don’t see them anymore.

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