Human rights and the EU/Britische Zeitungen verwechselt EU (wieder)

On the UK Human Rights Blog, Adam Wagner explains to The Sun (as if it was interested) that the European Court of Human Rights has nothing to do with the European Union:

No, The Sun, the Human Rights Act is not the EU

I was watching the England football team beat Ireland in the World Cup earlier when I was tweeted a cracking bit of legal gobbledegook from The Sun: Youngsters at risk after EU ruling. According to The Sun, Now the “EU could let fiends like him prey on your children“.

and at the end

And did you notice my error at the beginning of the post? England beat Ireland in the Rugby Six Nations, not the football World Cup. Did it jar? Don’t be so pedantic. EU, European Convention, football, rugby – what really is the difference?

There’s a wonderful book by Tom Kennedy, Learning European Law – A Primer and Vade-mecum – unfortunately dated 1998 and I presume not likely to be updated. One of the topics he deals with in the introduction is the prevalence of newspaper howlers, and he has a whole page of them, including some from The Times and The Financial Times.

The European Commission lists Euromyths.

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