What cooking pot is this? (photos)

Apologies for lack of posting, especially on legal topics.

In the course of clearing out part of a house, I came across a pot which looks as if it should be fitted on top of some other device. It has liquid in the bottom, like a bain marie pot, but in the top too. Can anyone tell me what it is? Google image search has not yet solved it.

9 thoughts on “What cooking pot is this? (photos)

    • Well, perhaps, but that doesn’t explain what fits into the hole in the bottom and why the top lid is full of liquid. I have a feeling it might have something to do with canning, but I can’t see exactly what.

    • A very nice try, but I can’t explain the central tube bit. I suspect a better source would be Bid TV or QVC. Have now given the pot to a charity shop (was this charitable?).

      I was in MK last week – Stony Stratford – but forgot you were there.

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