Transblawg hits the big time

Fame at last! One hour translations have devoted at least an hour to describing Transblawg. Here’s a screenshot – spot the deliberate errors:

Werner has become a political commentator now and I fear he would not be impressed to be described as Transblawg’s author.

It’s unusual for me to get this kind of accolade, since I never get an award as Best Translation Blog or the like (possibly because I don’t advertise the chance of voting for me on the site advertising the competition).

Thanks to Kevin Lossner of Translation Tribulations for this. Sadly his blog didn’t make the list.

6 thoughts on “Transblawg hits the big time

  1. What with your vastly increased circulation, the obvious next step is for Mr Patel’s to buy you out with his earnings from the Prince Arthur Herald.

  2. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you on this impressive achievement, Werner. I’ve always known that with writing that is polished and topics that are always engaging, this blog is **one to watch**.

  3. Sadly, Margaret? Actually, my response was “Thank God”. The founders are from Israel, and an acquaintance there has met them and described their history and deeply unethical tactics. I won’t repeat all his comments here, but I would be offended by any connection to such people; this is purely an SEO tactic to draw attention to their barrel-scraping business. Corinne and others should be concerned.

    • Just teasing, Kevin.
      I did consider not linking, but I decided it would be more harmful for people to see their website than not to see it.
      By the way, how did you come across this?

      • Good point. These people are so bad their own existence is probably a form of self-harm. I can’t recall where I saw this. Probably a link in my Twitter feed. My first reaction was “here we go again” to another blatant SEO swindle by a barrel-scraping agency, then I saw that Werner had taken over you blog and thought I’d share the joke.

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