Europa Centre for Languages

I was surprised to read about

The UK’s only indoor mock European town, complete with market square, café, shops and classroom. Managed by the Languages Adviser for Havering and with a team of highly experience tutors, native speakers and assistants, the Europa Centre offers the public and schools opportunities to develop prior learning or to begin language learning from scratch.

Pictures here. I doubt I could get in to see it, despite my prior learning.

Near Upminster Bridge station, no less.

The Romford Recorder visited the Centre in 2011. Quoting Dan Alliot, the head of the Europa Centre and Havering Languages Advisor:

“When they come inside it is like another world and a lot of them actually go away thinking that they have been to France for the day.”

When I go to Whitechapel I also feel like I’ve been abroad for the day.

If you don’t want a day trip to France and instead fancy a visit to Germany, or Spain, simple flip boards mean that the French town of Haricotville can easily become Rubendorf for Germany or villa Guisante if in Spain.

2 thoughts on “Europa Centre for Languages

  1. Don’t worry Margaret, I’m back! The Centre isn’t too far away from 10 Downing Street in SW1 for the present incumbent to visit and learn about the pivotal European history and languages of Luxembourg., including how to pronounce the name of Jean-Claude Juncker.

  2. Back? How did I survive without you?
    You could be engaging in the mailing list discussion of Polish Law Acts!

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