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Lord Advocates LLP is an East London immigration law firm near Upton Park station. See video (I don’t know what language they’re speaking, but it is likely to be Urdu, Punjabi or Hindi).

Our expertise covers the whole area of Immigration including applications for British Nationality, British Citizenship, Economic Migration, Further Leave to Remain applications, Settlement, Points Based System applications, Asylum, Human Rights claims, Discretionary Leave applications, Certificates of Abode, Marriage applications, Settlement applications for family members. Registration with the Police, Reporting, Bio-metrics, Legacy and fresh Human Rights applications, passport applications, revocation of leave, applications under the Points Based System such as Students, applications connected to establishing and conducting business in the United Kingdom.

5 thoughts on “London law firm

  1. Thanks for that, Margaret.

    I find these London East End immigration law firms intriguing. An English Bar Exam acquaintance of mine from Bengladesh – who had trouble passing the exam – also joined one.

    Though described as Solicitors

    I can find no record of that firm on the website of the Law Society of England & Wales.

    Coincidentally, a school contemporary of mine qualified as a Solicitor long ago and set up an immigration law firm in Manchester, only to have his office windows shattered and smashed in. Some Mancunians obviously have a less tolerant attitude than East Enders to immigrants.

  2. I hadn’t noticed that. I see there is a report today that some banks have been using fake solicitor firms!
    “Royal Bank of Scotland and its NatWest arm have been using Green & Co Solicitors in Telford; Lloyds Bank uses SCM Solicitors in Hove, East Sussex, and, until January this year, HSBC used DG Solicitors in Edgbaston, Birmingham.
    But a search of the register run by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) reveals that none exist as an entity supervised by the regulator.”

  3. I thought it was an offence for unqualified persons to hold themselves out as Solicitors. Maybe the loophole is for a firm containing a single qualified Solicitor – or indeed none at all – to describe themselves as such. Surely the SRA is on to these questionable practices. PS the East End ‘immigration law firm’ my Bengladeshi acquaintance joined consisted solely of LLB and LLM graduates and English Bar Exam candidates, successful or otherwise.

  4. I suppose these people are not actually claiming to be solicitors. I had suspected a Mr Lord involved, but no, and the choice of name is confusing. If you look at their opening page, they are OISC Level 3 legal advisers.

    As for the banks, there was a single regulated solicitor involved in each case, but the impression was created that a firm was involved.
    All very borderline stuff.

  5. What’s in a name? Yes. The choice of name is not only confusing but misleading. It looks like the plural of Lord Advocate that might not be immediately apparent to London East Enders and UK immigrants as an incongruous reference to the singular senior law officer of the British Crown in Scotland.

    Another ‘borderline phenomena’ back in the UK is the mushrooming of ‘conveyancing law firms’ that may be linked to the relatively new qualification of Licensed Conveyancer that is not off-limits, even for struck-off Solicitors and failed Solicitors’ (LPC-Legal Practice Course) Finalists.

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