German foodie treats

Nine German treats you’ll want to eat right now

says The Local. Well, I think they could learn a thing or two about food photography here.

I don’t think they could find a Frankfurter Kranz so they had to bake one quickly (from a packet mix perhaps?). It is a traditional German cake, but I would have thought not so common now.

But no! They took the photo from Wikipedia!


The plum tray bake is maybe not quite in season yet?

Much better photos on delicious:days, albeit the English is weird:

Tell me, what is the very first thing you think of, when you see or hear the word “woodruff”? Probably the same I connect it with, a pretty nasty green color. For sure if you grew up in the 70s and 80s.

Hmm. That might be what I think when I hear the German word Waldmeister.

6 thoughts on “German foodie treats

  1. It reminds me of a pickled aubergine we left in the fridge too long. Also the base looks a bit hard. But there is a certain authenticity about it, unlike in much food photography.

  2. Frankfurter Kranz ist eine aussterbende Spezies – seit Mitte der 1970 wurden nur noch ganz wenige Expemplare gesehen.

  3. Yes, I thought that too. But after all, it’s German foodie treats for us foreigners.
    Even Kaffee und Kuchen is not as common as it was.

  4. Great stuff! A friend and I had a laugh about some “German” food the other day. Why is it that Germans don’t have the slightest idea what German chocolate cake is?

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