Dangerous zeppelins

In memory of the First World War: children being warned of zeppelins.


If the zeppelins come, keep indoors. Put lights out and keep quiet. British means Pluck.

Apparently it did take a while to develop effective anti-airship measures.

2 thoughts on “Dangerous zeppelins

  1. It’s not shooting them that’s hard, I learned from G-8 and his Battle Aces, it’s spotting them if there is cloud or fog cover. Also: I hope they’re not planning to strip the citizenship of those (like me) congenitally pluckless.

  2. Apparently it wasn’t till May 1916 that they succeeded in shooting them down. But of course G-8 may have been particularly efficient, from what I read (also a reference to ‘the Kaiser’s mad scientists’).

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