Unterwegs gelesen

Local newsagent’s (picture shows the rare 8-egg box):


Advice on the Tube on strong passwords:


Justicia at Homerton University Hospital:


Mile End station:

2 thoughts on “Unterwegs gelesen

  1. Justicia sounds like the pseudonym of an Iberian dissident. I hope she wasn’t blindfolded. The charge nurse’s surname really exists!

    B at the General Browning MOTH Club (passing into hipster-commercial hands from tother side of St George’s Channel on Jan 16th) tells of a time long ago when he was in the previous (“Hackney”) hospital round the corner (Homerton High x Kenworthy) having ulcers cut out of him, and used to cheer himself up by going in his pyjamas to the neighbouring Jackdaw & Stump (now the hipster “… & Star”) for a pint and a fag. ()

  2. Yes, you are often closer than I realize.

    Tin hats, I see.

    The Spanish podiatrist didn’t seem dangerous.

    ‘Homerton University’ is conjured up, confusingly. Although my brother eventually taught at the University of East London, which never sounded right (the institution upgraded itself around him).

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