Postman’s leg and udal law

I will be getting back to legal translation matters – really! Meanwhile:

1. Postman’s leg £2.95:

postmans legs

Apparently these are also sold as Dinosaur Bones.

2. Burns Night tomorrow: Lidl has or had kilts on offer.

3. Between the Lines: podcasts on literary translation, including Joyce Crick on Freud and Kafka in English and Anthea Bell and Jo Catling on translating W.G. Sebald.

4. It seems holders of manorial rights in land will not be able to claim damages for fracking.

5. I suppose it’s not likely that, if Scotland were to be independent, Orkney and Shetland would have to be handed back under udal law? It does appear that a very few people, possibly not including royalty, are or were pursuing this line.

AN INDEPENDENT Scotland will have to hand back Shetland and Orkney according to Denmark’s British Ambassador.

In partnership with Norway’s King Harald V, the Danish regent Queen Margrethe II intends reviving the ancient rites of Udal Law which were ratified by the Scottish parliament in 1567.

2 thoughts on “Postman’s leg and udal law

  1. Loud bells are ringing from exactly 11 years ago on no. 5 > according to the SOUL/Shetland & Orkney Udal Law Group neither Orkney nor Shetland/Zetland has ever officially been part of Scotland (or the EU).

    Also a Scots Advocate acquaintance of mine tells me Udal or Odal land law disputes are heard at the moment in an Aberdeen Court. But a Norwegian lawyer tells me they should be tried in Bergen and a Danish lawyer claims Copenhagen is the right venue.

    The isles, surely then, do not strictly fall within the compass of ‘British law’.

    I can’t recall Scotland’s Frist Minister Alex Salmond himself asking for a rerun of the Scottish Independence vote on the isles, as the islanders were clamouring for in reliance on the ambivalent (public) international law status. On the contrary, he had suggested the Islands would be reeled (back?) into Scotland if the independence vote had gone the other way, namely succeeded

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