German Scrabble


This cartoon is by Emmanuel Cornet, whose interesting bio can be found on his website. It shows that nowadays you don’t have to remain a French maths teacher, or even a bass and guitar player, all your life. I found the cartoon at

Thanks to Herb for the tip.

4 thoughts on “German Scrabble

  1. Trying to decipher the mesage as usual – I haven’t been to Pete’s excellent ukulele classes for a while. I miss his remarks on music and also the pub in Cheshire Street once run by the Kray Brothers’ mother, and indeed the salt beef bagels in Brick Lane.
    Chinese is not worth recording, as there are so many excited blogs about learning it – in the 1970s we didn’t think it was that difficult – but I currently attend the same university as Mohammed Emwazi. Latest course is The Trees of London, whence I now know what imbricate bud scales are (only had physics and chemistry at school) and have observed numerous trees and dogs in Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

    • There is an authentic boxing poster in the Globe in Morning Lane advertising a bout between the Krays – the boys, nothing to do with mum.

      A relative did something at the same school as Mr Emwazi too, and it seemed to calm him down.

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