New Seven Stars cat; You and Archbold

Easter Sunday was a good day to watch the new cat at the Seven Stars in Carey Street taking a stroll, albeit rescued from a dog at the end:

seven stars



He is not as magnificent as Tom Paine.

At Temple Station, the barriers carry an advert for You and Archbold, partners in crime:



The two big illegible ads in the background are for The White Book (as we know from elsewhere, anything else is a pale imitation).

2 thoughts on “New Seven Stars cat; You and Archbold

  1. Thanks for the ‘Archbold-pleaded (AmE:) pled’ feline update, Margaret.

    I also note on closer inspection that:

    1. the Seven Stars sign has been replaced and gone modern, bright and beautiful. The old, pale wooden, starry sign had been there at least since my first peek over 40 years ago.
    2. I put my money on the expensive Merc parked outside the pub belonging to a Silk/Head of Barristers’ Chambers-cum-High Court judge vs. Chartered Surveyor, Lands Tribunal or Serious Fraud Officer off Chancery Lane.
    3. in the top picture, the building on the other side of the green window grille could be the LSE/London School of Economics Library
    4. In the second picture down, the iron gates on the left are the guarded court-staff back-entrance to the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand.
    Lots of trivial observations…

  2. Thanks for the further details.
    According to a web search, this car was first registered in Bournemouth. Does that help? I don’t know what lawyer would be there on Easter Sunday except those who live in the courts, perhaps on their way home?
    I am not sure about your other details. The first photo was taken with a much longer lens than the other two, in fact I pinched it from my friend because it had the Seven Stars sign in it. I think you are right about the library, but that may be the library on the second picture too. Google Maps Street View, taken last summer, also shows a green container, btw.
    Do you happen to know if the six trees outside the Law Courts back entrance, are larches? They were just coming into leaf and very pretty.

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