Where has the Centre for German Legal Information gone?

www.cgerli.org seems to have vanished from the radar.

Here’s my post introducing it in 2008.

It had links to all sorts of translations of current German statutes and many other documents too.

I hope it is just being updated and has not been removed altogether.

There is a site with links to ‘official’ translations, Gesetze im Internet, but there are many more statutes out there in translation, good or less good, that can be useful to translators and lawyers.

7 thoughts on “Where has the Centre for German Legal Information gone?

  1. The site is back online. Due to some issue with the name server(s) for .org domains, our site could not be reached for a few days. This problem has been resolved for servers in Germany and should disappear around the globe within the next 72 hours.

    • Hello! I discovered your site working from Belgium and unfortunately access is denied. I am a translator and would very much like to access your site! Any ideas?

      • I am not responsible for http://www.cgerli.org but can’t understand why you could not access it. Have you tried more recently? Right now, I can’t access it from here either (late morning, 13th June), but I assume that is only a temporary thing.

        • Ms. Barth and MMarks,
          I am also unable to access the website. I am in the United States if it makes a difference. I receive the following German reply when I attempt access: “Diese Präsenz ist derzeit nicht verfügbar.” This roughly translates to the site not being available. Have you been able to access since your replies? Did Herr Stemplewitz ever reply to you? Thanks, Chris

          • No, I can’t get it now either and it’s been the case for some days. I was able to access it and you can see Jan Stemplewitz’s reply in the comments above, after which it was accessible for a while. I don’t know what’s happened now.

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