Goethe Institut online library

It seems one can hire ebooks and audio and video media online from the Goethe Institut – have not tried it myself.


You may have to search a bit.

Thanks to Cherry for the tip.

6 thoughts on “Goethe Institut online library

  1. The library, up to about 20 years ago, used to keep a register of German/ English/ German translators and interpreters. Oddly, within a fortnight of being listed there, I was bombarded with DE/BrE translation requests from antique shops on and around Kensington Church Street and Holland Park.

  2. This just goes to show that there are more people looking for a translation than you think, and they are somewhere completely different.

  3. Excuse me, Margaret. I should have clarified the ‘Anknüpfung’ or link-up with the singing organ-grinder’s reference to the London branch of the Goethe Institute on Exhibition Road in Kensington. It was the library there that used to keep a translators’ and interpreters’ register and where I was listed as offering ‘legal, accounting and insurance’ subjects, rather than any expertise in Meissen porcelain, commodes from Worms, musical instruments from Bamberg or organs from Nuremberg.

  4. No. Though I had at the time been making occasional trips to Nuremberg, the Dresden Zwinger Museum and the nearby towns of Pirna and Meissen, it had never occured to me (as a purported legal/commercial translator) to target monolingual-English antique shop owners in West London.

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