Lidl: Taste of the Alps

Since yesterday Lidl has had this range available: Lidl: Taste of the Alps.


Upminster is Aldi country rather than Lidl country, although Lidl has been going through a process of gentrification (it’s in the news for paying all its workers in the UK above the minimum wage) and I am urged to get some of their wine offers, but have not yet made it to South Ockendon.

I don’t suppose the web page will be available for ever. It is fuller than what you read in the Evening Standard or see in the video. But it is amazing how far the Alps extend. Who would have thought of the alpine pig in pork schnitzel, to say nothing of Bismarck herrings? Some are labelled Alpengut, which I keep reading as Alpenglut. Kabanos must be from the Polish Alps. Bavarian Brie is less surprising. But what of Meadow Fresh potato salad?

2 thoughts on “Lidl: Taste of the Alps

  1. Thanks for that, Margaret. An intriguing assortment of ‘Alpine’ products, some of which I do not recognise from Lidl’s Austrian branches. Bockwurst has crept in cf. Kabanos. Though a Bockwurst variety is made in Austria with a tantalizing recipe, it is not in fact Alpine. Arnie S. is supposed to have a ‘Bock auf Käsekrainer’ – sausage fried with cheese and wrapped in bacon. Nor do I recognise the Festbier brand. Bismarck herring doesn’t strike me as Alpine either. However, Bircher Müsli reminds me of the sad demise of the Swiss Centre with cafe and Mövenpick restaurant at Leicester Square in London where Käseküchli and Vermicelles with Rahm were always in season.

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