Boar’s Head Ceremony

Worshipfuls saying cheese.


By chance I was near Regent’s Park just before this year’s Boar’s Head ceremony started at 15.40 from Oat Lane. The Worshipful Company of Butchers process through the smaller City streets to Mansion House. This is not the real boar’s head, though – apparently they do send one but are not allowed to parade with it, so papier mâché has to do.


Here they are turning into Gresham Street:


One thought on “Boar’s Head Ceremony

  1. Thank you, Margaret, for reporting on the procession of yet another intriguing Worshipful Company.

    Coincidentally again, having worked 40 years ago in the conveyancing and probate department, at 95 Gresham Street, of a well-known ‘Magic Circle’ law firm, with partners who used to ‘butcher’ my legal drafts as a clerk, I found out that – many years later after the department moved out – a Notary Public had moved into ‘our’ offices to set up practice.

    NB he is or was a member of the Worshipful Company of Scriveners (City of London Lawyer-Linguist Notaries ranking as European Continental Notaries, so yes! a real UK ‘Sworn Translator’).

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