Holocaust Memorial Day

David Cameron announced today that the Holocaust Memorial will be built next to the Houses of Parliament.

I don’t suppose it will be as big as this one:



Here are the regulations for visitors:


Here are some Stolpersteine in Berlin:


LATER NOTE: More about Stolpersteine (‘stumbling blocks’) and how you can support one here.

2 thoughts on “Holocaust Memorial Day

  1. Thanks for that Margaret. No indication on the Stolpersteine – either in Berlin or Vienna – of the victims’ background, to wit: a blue Star of David, pink for homosexuals, black triangle with a Z for Zigeuner/gypsy or any other coloured symbols: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_concentration_camp_badge – I see or rather don’t see. The respective City Councils must be apprehensive of defacing attempts, discriminatory categorising or something else PC. As it is and to my local knowledge, the significance of such memorials is totally lost on many a passer-by, especially children.

  2. I’ll add a note and link to the project, Adrian. I don’t think the artist distinguishes. You can do a Google image search for Stolpersteine and see a variety – apparently they are in 610 places in Germany, fewer than I thought, and you can sponsor one for 120 euros. I have seen some in Erlangen too (there are 50 there, I read), but I can’t remember where my photos are.
    I think these were in front of a cinema building near Häckescher Markt where there is another plaque to Otto Weidt’s Blindenwerkstatt, where between 1940 and 1945 the workers were mainly Jewish blind and deaf and dumb people, saved in several cases from death.

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