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The ITI retirement issue story is set out at The ongoing ITI retirement/resignation saga on Lisa Simpson’s blog – many thanks to Lisa for hosting this matter.

The post contains a letter which ITI members including myself sent to the ITI Bulletin but which was not permitted to be published.

My problem with this is not that I want to retire yet myself, but the way others are being treated if they do, and the fact that the letter was not published. The retired category does not permit any paid translation work at all, in this age where people expect to work after retirement. As for those who leave, who include founding members (the ITI was founded 30 years ago), they are asked to return their certificates.

See also the post at Herbert Eppel’s blog.

One thought on “ITI problems

  1. I was upset to learn that the Retirement category had been phased out because I think that this decision reflects a more widespread tendency towards further neglecting the older members of our society.

    The category accorded a separate status for members that recognised their contribution to the profession as well as the knowledge they possess and can share with younger members.

    I would like to see the ITI re-introduce the category with the hope that the invaluable experience of these members will play a vital role in the future and that the Institute will function without the exclusion or the invisibility of the more vulnerable.

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