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Pending future legal translation posts, a few remarks:

1. It seems invidious to discuss the EU referendum, as the situation is changing all the time, but some links:

Jolyon Maugham’s Article 50. Our letter to the government. contains a copy of a letter of Bindmans LLP to the Government Legal Department funded through Crowdjustice and seeking clarification that Article 50 will not be activated without primary legislation.

David Allan Green at his Jack of Kent blog: The Two Article 50 legal claims – the current details.

2. Rob Lunn’s post on Using models for translating contracts on the value and limits of models and corpora in the target language.

2 thoughts on “This and that

  1. On point 1, the EU Council (as opposed to the non-EU Council of Europe in Strasbourg), might call the UK’s bluff and force the Article 50 issue by suspending the UK’s membership of the EU until further notice. Object lesson: suspension of Austria – after inflitration by right-wing elements led by the late Dr.juris Jörg Haider – in January 2000 and under Article 7 of the not-so-nice Nice Treaty.

  2. I don’t really understand this. I read about ‘suspension of membership rights’, but it seems that is not the same as suspension of membership. In a way, however, the UK’s rights are suspended, in that it is not involved in discussions within the other EU states about Brexit. Not really surprising, is it?

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