Ingeborg-Bachmann-Preis won by Sharon Dodua Atoo

The bizarre Ingeborg Bachmann prize for literature has been won by Sharon Dodua Atoo, a black Germanist, mother and activist who has lived in Berlin for 24 years – see Philip Oltermann article in the Guardian. A couple of years ago the texts of the candidates were translated into English, but not this time. The reading, discussion and text, and a video about the author, can be found on the Klagenfurt prize website. She normally writes in English.
Here is more from Sharon Dodua Atoo’s website.

One thought on “Ingeborg-Bachmann-Preis won by Sharon Dodua Atoo

  1. I agree with your ‘bizarre’ analysis, Margaret, and will be asking my Carinthian Klagenfurt-born neighbour – who is a published authoress writing in both Slovenian and German – whether she, paradoxically as a white Austrian woman, feels discriminated against.

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