BEEF! The German media scene

I’m just posting this old entry to check my blog is still working. I had thousands of attacks on my site in the last couple of days (as in April) and had to ask the provider to help restore things, but it looks OK now.

Some observations from my 2016 visit to Germany.

Selection of magazines, I think this was in Nuremberg train station:


Here’s a particular curiosity:


This magazine is not, as you might think, soft porn, it’s a magazine for men who like to cook meat. But perhaps that’s the same thing.

2 thoughts on “BEEF! The German media scene

  1. It certainly is soft porn for someone but it looks interesting and innovative enough for me to make me want to reach and grab it. Grab as in open and read of course. And saying as fondly as possible with NOTHING malicious in mind: is Germany the Japan of Europe now?

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