Elektro Götz closes 31.3.2018


Here’s a photo of my downstairs neighbours for many years, Dieter and Jutta Mund, who ran Elektro Götz in Fürth (they don’t actually live there) but have to close on March 31st, which means this Saturday will be their last trading day. I took the photo in October 2016 and I’m sorry I will not be able to visit them in their shop again.

The kind of shop where if you want a vacuum cleaner bag replacement you will be given full details of the function and price of several manufacturers.

No doubt buying online has meant that a shop of that kind can’t make ends meet nowadays. I am surprised they managed so long!

Many thanks to Ralph Stenzel for keeping me informed.

Elektro Götz in FürthWiki

Fürther Freiheit

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