4 thoughts on “Real German döner revisited

  1. Thank you, Margaret, for that delectable sight. The idea of a ‘Berlin Kreuzberg Kebab’ in London, particularly after the pubs close, is very appealing to non-vegans and non-vegetarians and those of us ‘between diets’.

  2. It does indeed look like a decent Döner place. What I am wondering is, isn’t it supposed to be called Turkish Kebab? In most Germany and the rest of the world, döner kebab places are likely to be run by Turkish people.

  3. Well, I agree, but the theory is that the döner kebab *in a flatbread* was invented in Berlin by a Turkish Gastarbeiter called Kadir Nurman, in 1972 it says here:
    Also in German Wikipedia.
    English Wikipedia says it was around in London in 1966.
    I’m not an expert though. But I always regretted the increasing lack of lamb döner in Germany – this shop in the Mile End Road doesn’t have it either.
    I gather there is a döner shop in central Stuttgart called Ützel Brützel, not that that is relevant.

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