London Transport photos

Not all disabilities are visible.
Face covering compliance official
Please do not use this seat
You must wear a face covering on public transport
COVID-19 stairs
Stay Safe Leave a space
Please keep your distance
Train presentation team (wiping backs of seats with disinfectant)

2 thoughts on “London Transport photos

  1. These photos reassure me that we’re not alone here (in Berlin). There may be more people but it looks pretty much the same all over. Wonder how much longer this is going to last.

  2. Must we?
    At first glance the big poster seemed like a direct translation from the German. In Germany times have changed, though – at least in Hamburg. The bus drivers here keep telling passengers very politely (yes indeed) to please keep their mouths and noses covered. They would take offence at being told they must do it. I don’t know about Berlin, da soll das gesellschaftliche Klima ja rauer sein. Ich habe da keinen Koffer, darum zieht mich nichts dahin.

    Und wenn dieser Covid-Spuk vorbei ist*, soll/muss/darf die Englandfähre zwischen Hamburg und Harwich sehr gern neu eröffnen.

    *Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.

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