Which country are you?/Welches Land bist du?

Quiz auf Englisch mit merkwürdigen Ergebnissen. Sicher trifft es teilweise zu, aber das mit den Autoaufklebern…?

You’re China!
Big and powerful, you have a long history behind you with more good and bad than you care to remember, or are really capable of remembering.  Lately, in older age, you’ve gotten sort of crochety and even mean-spirited.  There is still a lot that’s beautiful about you, but most of the focus people have when they think about you is how hard it is to work with you.  There’s hope that you might start opening up to
people, but lots of people have bumper stickers about how much you should

Take the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid

What a nasty quiz – nasty about China, I mean. I wonder what country it comes from?!

The cumulative results page says most people are the United Nations, and I must admit I was the UN the first time round, but I was aware I had answered the first question wrong. When I did it again, I got completely different questions (‘Are you more often angry than sad?’)
(Via Lifechanges…delayed)

3 thoughts on “Which country are you?/Welches Land bist du?

  1. The second time I took the test, I answered a question about skiing differently. A few answers later, I was Liechtenstein: “Most folks don’t take you that seriously, but you really make a big deal out of being independent. You don’t do a whole lot for other people, but you make the best of the resources available to you. You really like snow. And mountains. And being independent. And you’re probably pretty small.”

    I think most of the answers turn out to be a bit on the snarky side …

  2. @A****a: could very well be. I haven’t seen them.

    @Carter: Yes, it’s odd. The text on China says ‘you’ve got crotchety recently’, but the questions have nothing to do with change. And how do they know I’m old?!

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